The Beauty of Change

Something I’ve come to realize lately is that when we really want things to change, we have to let them change!  I know this might sound simple on the surface, but I’m sure a lot of us can relate to complaining or feeling dissatisfied about something, yet we can’t seem to change it.  Somewhere in there is a conscious or subconscious layer of resistance and perhaps a fear to really let go of our current situation and allow change to occur.

I’ve done a lot of work with BodyTalk on releasing held emotions and what we call “Active Memories”…memories, fears or belief systems which hold a charge in our bodies.  This could a memory or emotion from a past relationship, a body image issue, or a fear or success.  If these Active Memories aren’t resolved in our bodies, i.e. if we haven’t ideally turned experience into wisdom and let go of what we no longer need, we’re left with an energetic charge in the body, which takes a lot of resources from the body to maintain.  However, if we can neutralize that charge, all that energy is freed up for creativity, change and growth.  We’re no longer in a state of maintaining the status quo per se.  The memories are still there but they no longer ‘bother’ us, or the fear or charged belief system has been integrated and just doesn’t seem to exist anymore.

This is what I’ve found fascinating with BodyTalk.  From my own personal experience and from what I hear from clients, it can be difficult or impossible to go back to an old feeling or way of existing.  “I can’t get mad about something that used to really get me riled.  The feeling just isn’t there anymore!”

A part of you might think, “Crap!  Now this means I’ve changed, and something new has to happen.  I can’t hold onto that sadness or habit that used to be so comforting.  Where did it go?!”  But somewhere underneath that, there is probably a little smile saying ‘”Yes, this is really what I’ve asked for.  I’m not stuck anymore.  Time to move on.”  This is all a good thing.

And what’s nice about BodyTalk is that change happens according to the way best suited for you.  By asking the client’s body what the priority is, the practitioner is able to build a solid foundation so that change can happen organically.  There might be a rough patch here or there, but your body won’t send you over a cliff without knowing there is someone or something there to safely catch you.  Intrinsic to this is a growing sense of trust.

So yes, doing work with BodyTalk or any work where we’re aiming for change, is really going to do just that, make us change.  With BodyTalk, we can make sure it happens with support, joy, trust, and beauty.  In this way, we can enjoy the ride.


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