Change…I’m still thinking about it!

People often talk about how they want ‘change’ in their lives…one of the reasons we might do BodyTalk or psychotherapy, yoga, exercise, etc.  However, I’ve been playing more with the idea lately of stepping back a bit from this driving force.  One reason is that the desire for change can sometimes come from a place of denial or lack of self-acceptance.  I once read that asking someone to change is a violent act.  In examining that thought I saw that the underlying message can be ‘you are not good enough the way you are’ or ‘how can i control my reactions to you’, i.e. make ‘the other person’ change!  But the way we change the world around us is by changing ourselves, which comes first from loving self-acceptance and the courage to be present.  In this case, I want to look at change as stepping into flow.  Being present enough to open up physical, mental, emotional, spiritual (whatever have you) channels to motion.  It’s wonderful for me to relate to this as a dancer…the years of work we do to find space, ease, efficiency in our bodies, to help our bodies be open channels for movement and experience.  Deep inside that dynamic is a place of rest and calm, a place for observation and play.  (Can I propose that Merce Cunningham worked this way as an artist?)  I want to play with embracing this dynamic inside the rest of my life.  How can we take a step back, put ourselves inside the dynamic flow of life rather than always try to control it with thoughts like ‘I should be doing this’ or ‘it’d be better if I were like this’?  It’s a chance for self-love and acceptance, to embrace everything you are and have been, to forgive and move on.  We have life to teach us lessons.  What a great gift!  And ‘change’ will happen.  It may just come with more ease and grace, a feeling of inspiration…maybe even take us by pleasant surprise.


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