In relationship…

Ohhhhh relationships…

The mirror, the reference point, the yes, the no.  Everything in relationship.  My body in relationship to itself, to space, to a person, to an audience, to a thought.

(Choreographer Deborah Hay asking us before we go onstage to perform “If I Sing to You”….’What if every cell in my body can get what it needs…in relationship to the space, the music, the audience, the other dancers on stage?’)

The connectivity of so many interweaving systems within the body, within a group, within society.

And in relationship, we have an opportunity to see something differently, to experience something new.  Thank god no (woman)(man) is an island.  We get through life with these reference points, with these relationships.  Support, extraction, boundaries, fluidity.

K.J. Holmes from Body-Mind Centering/improvisation workshops…’When I come into contact with someone else [through touch], it’s just a reminder about where I end and someone else begins’.  Through the touch of my skin in relationship to something else, I realize my boundaries, ‘know that I am not shaped like an elephant’ (Lisa Nelson, Tuning Scores workshop).


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