Working with Matrixes…when I change, the world changes

I’m just back from Calgary, Alberta, Canada where I spent 2 incredible days hiking in Banff National Park and also taught a somatic based movement and perception workshop to some wonderful students at the University of Calgary.  The primary reason of the trip, however, was to complete my last advanced BodyTalk course, Module 9, with Sylvia Muznieks.  Sylvia is an Advanced Senior Instructor with the International BodyTalk Association, and it was a pleasure to study with someone who holds such thorough knowledge of the information in the BodyTalk System.

The topic of Module 9 is Matrixes.  Below are selected definitions of the word matrix from the Mac Dashboard Dictionary Widget.

1 – an environment or material in which something develops; a surrounding medium or structure
2 – Biology. the substance between cells or in which structures are embedded
3 – Mathematics. a rectangular array of quantities or expressions in rows and columns that is treated as a single entity and manipulated according to particular rules
– an organizational structure in which two or more lines of command, responsibility or communication may run through the same individual

In BodyTalk, we work with matrixes that occur within the bodymind of an individual and those that develop between several individuals in a group context.  Within the bodymind, we are essentially looking at belief systems or consciousness states that have embedded themselves within the body, and we help to rebalance these energies to align better with the healing and growth of the client.  With group matrixes, we are examining the energetic dynamics within groups including families, corporations, friendships, clubs, cultures, etc.  I’d like to focus on the later in this blog and will post again soon about the other Matrix work that BodyTalk addresses.

When family and group dynamics are energetically blocked, unclear, stuck, or misplaced, this can lead to disharmony (illness, disease, misfortune) in all members of the group.  The information comes from 1,000s of years of observation as well as from mathematical formulas based in quantum physics.  An interpretation of the quantum physics explanation is that a change in 1 particle of affects all other particles within the whole, i.e. a shift in 1 person in a group can affect the whole group (and of course, this can work to the advantage as well as the disadvantage of the group).  Since we are looking at enhancing the client’s balance with BodyTalk, as the client shifts her perspective, she is aiding a shift in the ‘whole’!  (This way of working is particular exciting to me because there are so many times when we may find problems in what is ‘outside of us’ but at the same time, we can go right to ourselves to help ‘fix’ the problem!)

I also like to look at group matrixes and energetics in terms of imagining the mathematical patterns and equations that lie behind something that is visually appealing.  This has been dissected/examined in terms of what the eye biologically perceives as beauty in visual art…angle, scale, balance, direction, proportion…even in terms of architecture…how something that is structurally sound is often also pleasing to the eye and pleasing to function within.  For example, the mathematical breakdown of the pattern of a spiral…Frank Gehry’s NY Guggenheim, a seashell, the spiral of a bone or DNA.  A slight shift in angle, height, direction can cause a huge shift (physical, energetic, mental) in the whole picture.

This all to say that we also need dysfunction in order to have function since we exist in a culture of duality (yin/yang, masculine/feminine), but it’s nice to have a means to move from dysfunction to function and find ease within these natural cycles.

This can be done very simply with BodyTalk.  (I’m continually amazed by this system!)  Over the weekend, we did a class demonstration using Burt Hellinger’s family constellation work.  Every person in the room felt the physical, mental and emotional affects of actually creating a family constellation with our own bodies in space and allowing it to shift.  BodyTalk can do this much more quickly and with more ease through the techniques designed to work with Matrixes.  This can come up as a link within a client’s session or as an agenda that the client brings in.  Sometimes we may not know that there is a matrix shift that needs to happen in a family or group that is related to a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual dysfunction we are experiencing, and other times, we may want to approach BodyTalk directly to help problems we’re experiencing within our families, companies, organizations or any other groups.

This is a lot of information that I’m still digesting but in the simplest terms, we are always working from the client’s consciousness or perspective.  When he is ready to allow something to shift in his own bodymind, the world around him changes as well.


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