The function of fear

Doubt and fear can keep us safe.  It’s true.  These are great built in tools we have that keep us alive.  But it’s so important to know when we’re keeping ourselves alive or when we’re keeping ourselves from stepping into something greater.

While teaching class a week ago, I told everyone to move with confidence…maybe even take the experience of confidence on as a persona.  This came from my own experience of dancing the phrase we were working on and seeing all the moments when my mind inserted doubt, and how that had a direct correlation to my ability to execute the movement.  And then I clearly saw how I could make a choice to let those thoughts go, and what followed was an experience of confidence, trust, and easier dancing!  After sharing this with the class, I saw an incredible transformation in what everyone was doing.  We didn’t dissect the technical aspects of how to stand on 1 leg, do a movement with more ease, or integrate the multiple parts of the body as a whole.  We hardly even did any exercises that would normally prepare us for complicated movement, but wow, did i see a shift!  The power of the mind.

And within that is the trust to surrender and just let go.  To surrender the fear and trust that the dance, life, work, the journey will unfold as it needs to.  And in this way, we step right into it all…right into the flow that life asks us to enjoy.


One response to “The function of fear

  1. Thanks, Michelle, I needed that!

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