Being the movement

I’ve been so inspired recently by Bonnie Gintis’s book Engaging the Movement of Life.  Gintis is an Osteopathic physician and Continuum Movement teacher.  One thing I’ve taken from the book is the idea of ‘being the movement’ rather than ‘doing the movement’.  I’ve used this idea in teaching and performing, but I feel like this can be applied to our daily engagement in any activity.  It’s easy to fall into a goal-oriented way of existing, especially in New York City where the basic tenor of the city supports constant activity and a push to make ends meet.

I think it could be a lovely experiment to find moments as we approach the end of the year to take the time to enjoy, to notice, to breathe, and to be still…even in the midst of the beautiful energy of this city and season.  This can happen as we walk to work, share a meal with friends, write an email, hop on the elliptical machine!  There is incredible awareness and clarity that come from just taking a step back and engaging in boundless receptivity.  Where the subtlest acts of attention provide an abundance of creative engagement.  Where the act of ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’ the movement takes on an incredible life and vibrancy.

And even if it’s just a moment, it’s fuel to remind us of the constant beauty afforded to us when we just trust that ‘being’ is enough.


One response to “Being the movement

  1. We are on the same track, with the wordpress thing. I am happy you got to read the bonnie gintis book. very inspiring! Sending you love from Oakland

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