Overtreatment in Medical Care + Preventative Health

I haven’t posted in such a long time….must be summer time!  However, I thought it was important to share an article written by a BodyTalk practitioner named Mary Shields on overtreatment in medical care.  The article includes a link to a recent AP article on cbsnews.com as well as a plug for taking BodyTalk Access (of course)!  BodyTalk Access was the first course I took before deciding to delve into studying BodyTalk further.  Access gave me some simple but powerful tools that I was able to use right away on myself and my family and friends.  I even helped a family member who was having trouble walking because of gout pain.  The next day he was mowing the lawn with a push mower for over an hour.  The pain and the symptoms of gout were gone.  I just did one of the Access techniques on him before even really knowing what I was doing!

And even if taking a course like BodyTalk Access isn’t your cup of tea, then I hope you are engaging in some other form of preventative care this summer.  Some quick suggestions…?  Spending time with people you love, laughing, going for a morning or evening walk, trying a new recipe with some fresh summer vegetables, or taking 5 minutes at any point in the day to stretch, move around a bit or simply pay attention to your breathing.  All these things can easily do wonders for your health!


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