Thank you for the Bessie

I was honored to receive a 2010 New York Dance and Performance Award ‘Bessie’ for my performance in Miguel Gutierrez and the Powerful People’s Last Meadow.  (We also got a Bessie as a creative team for the show!)  Thank you to all the amazing people who have supported, guided, and taught me over the years.  Doing this is a gift!  Thank you!


2 responses to “Thank you for the Bessie

  1. Congrats Michelle and God bless. You have my “award” every day of the year and always ;). Cheers !

  2. Hi Michelle,
    Rod and I are so very proud of you for receiving the Bessie award. You should be so very proud of yourself that all your dedication and hard work is finally being noticed and rewarded. Keep it up and you go girl!! I danced for years. I am so happy you stuck with it and your dream is coming true. You are a beautiful and sweet person and I know it shows in your dance too. Your parents are so proud and happy for you as they should be. We are all so very excited. Keep us in the loop of your next adventure!!
    Love and hugs,
    Jan Van Fleet:)

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