Giving love and receiving love….

“Giving love and receiving love can change the world.” -Dr. Linda L. Brown

I just found this in a BodyTalk newsletter written by a woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer.  It’s so simply put but so affecting.  I’m writing this while taking a ‘sick day’ on tour and receiving the amazing care of my friend in Berlin.  Sometimes ‘receiving’ love can be viewed as a weakness and something we avoid, but it’s a moment to be vulnerable, to share and connect.  And genuinely giving love, stepping out of ourselves for a moment can connect us more deeply to what is most important in life.  But beyond or even underlying all of this is simply acting from love…making the choices that resonate most strongly for ourselves and simultaneously the rest of the world.  It’s time to strengthen that subtle internal meter that discerns our choices around love.  Finding the strength and power that comes out of those moments can definitely change the world.


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