Borders, Boundaries and Support

I’m going to attempt to bring together a few different elements floating around in my mind right now. It doesn’t feel quite full and complete, but I’m inspired to write and post it in this moment…

We live in a world (and a body) where clarity springs from division. The cell divides to expand and within even one cell there are multiple, necessary specializations made possible by a division of matter.

I write this in light of the recent events in Egypt. I was talking to a family member about this and the conversation eventually led to talk of the Israeli settlements in Palestine and to divisions of class and race within the United States. I’ll admit that I don’t always follow current events information closely and was grateful that this particular family is so well versed in current events and the socio-political history (and beyond) of so many different cultures! The information is fascinating.

It all made me think of something that I experienced teaching class this week, working with everyone present, on the idea of support and release. We did a very simple exercise of moving in and out of the floor while receiving support from a partner. We took moments of stillness to really allow ourselves to either truly and fully support another person’s weight or be supported. A general observation that came from the experience was that once that sharing of weight and support was achieved, the boundaries of our separate bodies seemed to disappear. (I’ll even take the liberty of saying that it felt magical!) It led to an amazing feeling of expansion and power, which all resulted from a combination of letting go, giving support (which is its own form of letting go…in this situation, the two seem interchangeable), and the flexibility around the removal of a boundary.

There is so much happening in this world to increase division, to create boundaries. And yes, there are times when it’s necessary and productive (on a micro or macro level), but it’s amazing to see, even within one’s own body in relationship to another body, when the surrendering of this boundary, a softening around this boundary, is actually incredibly empowering.


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