It happens in a second

In contrast to the somewhat popular ‘slow down’ mentality, energetic healer Dr. Yuen constantly talks about ‘speeding up’ and making our bodies more efficient.  In the same way that technology is getting faster, there must be a similar way that our physical bodies evolve, as we are constantly processing so much information.  I’d like to leap off from this idea and look at how it can be applied to our relationships.

It happens in a second…

Sometimes it seems easy to skip moments of true intimacy.  Behind this, there may be a realization of grief or sadness that one hasn’t actually allowed for this kind of connection in the past.  However, as emotions are essentially movement in the body, this sadness can be followed by the joy of connecting.  There are multiple modes of distraction…working, drinking, talking, eating, thinking, the internet/media consumption, but those moments of connecting to someone (or self) and seeing what we get to enjoy while we’re alive on this earth are too rich to pass by.  Maybe for some, this brings too many feelings to the surface.  But these things pass (move), and the healing that comes from a moment of connecting…which doesn’t necessarily involve ‘slowing down’, rather making a (fast and efficient) choice to connect rather than disconnect…these moments are what make life worth living.

So I’m writing in encouragement (what a great word!) of surrounding yourself with those who support your whole being and its vulnerability for more intimacy with self and therefore, others.  In time it becomes the easiest, most efficient choice.


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  1. Reblogged this on moving contemplations and commented:
    Michelle Boule – part of your brilliance is in integrating intellectual concepts of the moving body into your work and daily life. Your blog is a gold mine for dance/life-nerds like myself!

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