Consciousness and Dance

I’ll be speaking on a panel for a Movement Research Studies Project on ‘Dance and Consciousness’ tomorrow, Oct. 6th from 6-8pm at Gina Gibney Studio.  The address is 890 Broadway, 5th Floor.

There are fantastic people on the panel:  Alva Noë (philosopher and author of Out of Our Heads), Miguel Gutierrez (choreographer), RoseAnne Spradlin (choreographer), Daria Fain (choreographer) and others.  I’m excited to hear what all the panelists have to say about this topic!  And I’m also interested in continuing to dialogue about the relationship of my dance practice to my BodyTalk practice, which is often referred to as ‘consciousness-based healthcare’.

From the website description:

A conversation among choreographers, philosophers and performers on the nature of consciousness and how dance as an artistic practice acts as experiential research into this fundamentally human yet indeterminate and far-ranging territory. In addition to gathering different perspectives on the subject, some questions will be considered: How does dance affect current philosophical thinking on consciousness? How do choreographers and performers engage with theory on the subject? How have personal experiences and artistic practices contributed to private and collective understanding and development of consciousness? How can these experiences enter into broader discourse on the subject?


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