Dance as Service

I remember hearing my friends Abby Crain and Miguel Gutierrez talk about dance and art-making as luxuries once in rehearsal years ago (2002?!). I didn’t quite understand it fully then as a relatively fresh, young NY import, but it’s become clearer over the years. And more than a luxury, it’s also a service. Having my legs is a luxury, this computer, my warm clothes. It’s amazing! And then to be able to dance and do something with what I have… I want to honor that luxury and use it as a service. I hope that’s what happens with what I do. We spend a lot of time working on this dancing thing, this art thing. It’s nice for me to remember that it’s a gift that I have and a gift that I can give. Oh, that makes my aching body feel better!

If you’re in Dublin, come and see ‘why the aches’. But I’m hoping this consciousness of service will carry me through an effortless next 4 shows!

Thank you!


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