Give yourself the chance for something to be different…

We are constantly making decisions…from the mundane choices of what to eat to the more existential questions of ‘what should I do with my life?’  And within this, so many of us are familiar with wanting things to change or be different.  I have two responses to this right now:

1 – Does the desire for something to change come from a compulsion…being unable to accept the way things are or being ‘addicted’ to feeling like something always needs to be different or better?  If so, maybe now’s the time for life to be just fine the way it is.


2 – Can we make small choices in our lives that open us up to a practice of letting something be different?  We often say we want change or something else, but how often do we give ourselves that opportunity?  It can be as simple as eating something else for breakfast or taking a different route to work, if the idea of larger change seems daunting.  Inside of these small choices, we begin to actually take responsibility for–hear and honor through intention and action–our desires for something to be different.  We have to give ourselves a chance.


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