What to Expect from Regular BodyTalk

One of the biggest benefits from getting regular BodyTalk sessions is the increased connection to your body’s innate wisdom. This is the part of you that governs all of your body’s healing functions, e.g. when you cut youself, your body’s innate wisdom knows exactly what to do to heal the wound. Essentially, your innate wisdom oversees all of your body’s physiological functions, and when that’s all working optimally, you are left with more freedom to live a creative and inspired life.

Further, as healing and growth become the norm, you will actually move towards and attract what is best for your health and highest potential. Perspectives can shift, and you may find yourself making different choices or supportive changes in your life, not because anyone told you but because you’ve been “training” that connection with your innate wisdom.

Lastly, growth and change are not without moments that may feel chaotic, uncomfortable, or turbulent. Initiating change upsets your current homeostasis. It literally makes the molecules in your body vibrate differently. For some people, this can feel exciting. Others may just want to crawl into bed. The key is your commitment to yourself, and once you keep strengthening your connection to your innate wisdom, you’ll know exactly what to do to continue to support YOU.

“Something we were withholding made us weak, until we found it was ourselves.”
-Robert Frost


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