The most significant difference I feel is just that–that I can experience feeling at all. As someone engaged in somatic practices regularly, and who is lucky enough to be studying dance and movement-making–or, really, just as a human being moving through the world–being able to access feeling is so incredibly important. The ways in which I’ve begun to learn to feel through BodyTalk with Michelle have continually surprised me. At times it was really challenging, hard work. But the results of the shifting and changing I’ve experienced because of that work have seemed almost miraculous.
-L. Hafezi, student

Many thanks for the BodyTalk work.  All I know is my back is excellent and I have had no problems with it since.  It must have been your Magic Touch!!!!!
-Margaret Kelleher

The BodyTalk work I did with Michelle has made a profound effect on my psyche and the ability to work on what we had addressed in the session, which is no small thing.
-Robbie Cook

Michelle is a highly sensitive and intuitive healer.  She has a gift  for truly listening and giving what is needed: a powerful skill when  combined with the tools of BodyTalk. When I first came to her I was  feeling very out of sorts in my body, in pain and disconnected from myself after going through some major life changes. While i believed in the idea that my body could “talk” and ask for what it needed, I was still a little skeptical.  Each session brought up issues that resonated strongly in the moment, and I could feel the direct communication that was taking place.  This was serious, good work we were doing.  The shifts I felt internally were powerful and the changes sometimes immediate.  Some things we worked on were very old, and after I felt like I saw the world differently. Michelle is great at relating the BodyTalk work to life and making connections between the body and the spirit.  I always felt more balanced and able to tune into myself after a session.  Over the course of a few months, I took  leaps and bounds.  The work we did helped me heal and move on from traumatic experiences so I could follow my dreams and heart once again.
-J. Kelly, Artist and Massage Therapist

After my BodyTalk session with Michelle, I felt reconnected to myself without so many fears and excess stress.  BodyTalk always reminds me that there are subtle energetic blockages we can’t always see, feel, or touch, yet when they are discovered we gain a greater perspective of ourselves and our lives that helps us to lead more vibrant lives.  Thanks BodyTalk and thank you Michelle. You have a gift!
-Marti Wolfson, Owner MW Culinary Wellness

It is always lovely to have Michelle’s wisdom and support in our sessions. The sessions, themselves, help me remember to validate my feelings and experiences. It’s such a source of empowerment!
-Amy Baumgarten, Dancer

The Bodytalk work I have done with Michelle has been extremely significant in my life. The work I did with her was crucial to a very key decision I made in my life. While working with Michelle she had me repeat a phrase over and over, and when that phrase appeared in my life the next day in an unexpected place, I had an deep energetic reaction and decided to go down that unexpected road. I am now on an exciting path that I may have not found myself on if not for the work I had done with Michelle. It was a transformative experience for me.
Aside from this, working with Michelle is very pleasant and comfortable. Her space is inviting, calming, and clean–a true healing space. Michelle is kind and engaging and very interesting to work with. She has an infectious smile that puts you at ease immediately, and a pleasant, balanced, demeanor that invites the comfort that is crucial for the free flow of energy that makes BodyTalk so special. She is intuitive, wise and skilled at her craft- during our work together she was able to ‘hear’ things deep within me though just her light contact with points on my body.
The work is meditative and deeply relaxing, bringing your body and mind to a state outside of the daily ‘fight or flight’ response. In this state it seems the body and mind can be open to the healing that Michelle invites and directs, and the results can be lasting…I felt physically and mentally excellent for an entire day after our session together.
Michelle is a skilled and intuitive Bodytalk practitioner who has great energy and is excellent to work with. I highly recommend Bodytalk with Michelle!
-Kevin Lovelady, artist