My work as a choreographer, performer, teacher, and BodyTalk Practitioner is grounded in an exploration of the body—what information it holds and conveys and how this relates to a current, historic, and future cultural landscape.  I’m interested in a body that acknowledges a range of articulations and subtleties, in a time when we are often encouraged to feel numb.  It’s a body that embraces the mundane and the virtuosic, beauty and humor, clarity and ambiguity, while in constant, synchronistic composition with its environment.  In essence, it’s a body that hides nothing—allowing itself to see and be seen and to engage in the powerful acts of listening, feeling, and taking action.

My research involves ongoing, often progressive, studies of eastern and western views on somatics, healing, and the physical expression of consciousness.  I combine this with an intuitive and random collecting of information that I happen upon on a day-to-day basis.  This includes things I see in the news/media or in public/private spaces, and the inspiration I find in fashion, architecture, and visual art.  It’s an attempt to engage with wherever I happen to be in the moment.  I don’t tend to work with a single idea when I’m creating.  Rather, the distillation occurs as the piece arises through the editing and framing of the multitude of content I collect.

With my long history as a performer, the creation of my work is often guided by the performer’s role and trajectory within a dance and a deep investigation of physicality, as well as a penchant for humor and subtle upending of perspective.  I aim to create dances that give meaning to movement and the body—ultimately, a reminder and a space for the potential of what and who we are.


Michelle Boulé has received critical accolades for her work as a dance artist.  (See links below or see Press Page for more.)  She is very grateful for the experience of live performance and thanks all the artists and audience members who enrich this form and make it all possible.

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