Michelle’s teaching combines information from her studies of various somatic and energetic modalities as well as her professional experience as a performer and artist over the last 16 years. She has been known to incorporate a deep understanding of movement, performance, and creativity with an inspired, exploratory, and enjoyable atmosphere. She has been guest faculty at Hollins University and the University of Illinois, teaching technique, improvisation, composition and performance, and somatic studies. She teaches regularly in New York as faculty at Movement Research and has also taught at the American Dance Festival, 92nd Street Y, Dance New Amsterdam, and the former Trisha Brown Studio in New York. She has taught numerous classes and workshops throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Asia. Her teaching is very much influenced by her 8 year practice as a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, as well as her studies in Feldenkrais Method, Body-Mind Centering, Alexander Technique, Franklin Method, Fitzmaurice Voicework, Continuum Movement, yoga and Ayurveda.


Classes Taught:

Dance Technique Class/Movement Practice
Performance and Persona     Tools for Creative Practice – The Practice of Listening

Lectures Given:

Personal History as a Professional Dancer & Artist
BodyTalk & Dance/Art Practice
Movement Practice Class Description
I invite you to come to class with the belief that your body has all it needs and that within the collective of the room, we expand our resources even further. We’ll use guided improvisations, honoring each individual’s unique pathways for engaging and understanding. We’ll also work with simple exercises and imagery, utilizing specific ideas about anatomy and kinesiological function. There will be time to observe how our actions, thoughts, perceptions, emotions, and breath shape our experience. The accumulation of this information will help us access states where physically efficient, creative engagement is the default choice! Class will end with an application of these ideas to choreographed phrase work.


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